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Entrants in the Australian Cello Awards are encouraged to access the resources on this page to assist in the selection of works for cello by Australian composers.

Australian Music Centre

The AMC's aims are to increase the profile and sustainability of Australian music and to facilitate performance, awareness and appreciation within diverse audiences across Australia and internationally.

The AMC fulfils its aims by directly representing Australian composers and sound artists; managing development programmes for young and emerging composers and sound artists; presenting annual and biennial awards; providing communications services such as news, reviews, analysis and critical discussion; publishing books and sheet music; producing secondary and tertiary education kits; and through its library collection that now includes over 30,000 items by 530 artists, including notated composition, electroacoustic music, algorithmic composition, improvised music (including contemporary jazz), experimental music, electronic music, sound art, sound installation, film composition plus sound found in multimedia and online forms.

Selected works for solo cello

DON BANKS Sequence (1967; 13 min)

ELLIOTT GYGER Shifting (2007; 6 min)

KEITH HUMBLE 5 Short Pieces in 2 Parts for cello and piano (1982)

DAVID LUMSDAINE Blue upon Blue (1991; 7 min)

PETER SCULTHORPE Threnody (1992; 7 min)

LARRY SITSKY Improvisation and Cadenza (1969; 10 min)

CARL VINE Inner World (1994; 10 min)


Additional selected works for cello from the AMC Catalogue:

List of 25 works for solo cello 6-10 min

List of 11 works 6-10 min long commercially available

List of 8 works 10-15 min

List of 6 works 10-15 min


For their assistance in resourcing works for cello by Australian composers, the Australian Cello Awards wishes to thank

Dr Kate Bowan
Australian National University

John Davis, CEO
Australian Music Centre

 Australian Music Centre

Music Centre


The Australian Music Centre (AMC) is the national service organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of both the art form of music and the creators and performers of contemporary classical, improvised jazz, experimental music and sound art in Australia.

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