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2013 Australian Cello Awards Adjudicator - Susan Blake

Susan Blake

Highly regarded cellist and educator Susan Blake retired from her position as Senior Lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2013.

Blake was awarded early success by winning the ABC Concerto Competition while studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and was named Student of the Year upon her graduation. Susan received a Churchill Fellowship and travelled to Switzerland and Austria where she completed a Solistendiplom under the supervision of Heinrich Schiff.

Susan was a founding member of recording group Ensemble for the Classic Era on the ABC Classic Antipodes label. She continues to record for ABC Radio, Sounds Australia and Tall Poppies and has toured as a soloist and in orchestras internationally, including Musica Viva.

Susan Blake continues to teach and perform in Australia, Europe and Hong Kong and has a special interest in Baroque music and instruments.

Susan plays a cello made by Giovanni Grancino in Milan in 1701.

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